MPP Andrea Khanjin Visits JOMI Engineering Group

MPP Andrea Khanjin with Michael Hoy (Operating Director of Jomi Engineering Group)
MPP Andrea Khanjin with Michael Hoy (Operating Director of Jomi Engineering Group)

Wednesday afternoon, MPP Andrea Khanjin visited Jomi Engineering Group in Barrie. Founded in 2007, Jomi is an engineering consulting firm that grew from focusing on product launch and manufacturing efficiency improvements to providing design and manufacturing consultations for the whole product cycle. In March of 2021, Jomi Engineering received $100,000 from the Ontario Automotive Modernization Program (funds were also given to SBS Drivetec, Innovative Automation, and Linear Transfer Automation.

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In April 9, of 2021, a volcano erupted on the main island of St. Vincent and a second larger eruption occurred on April 12. In response, many manufacturers that are part of the Canadian Assocation of PPE Manufacturers used their facilities to make medical masks, reusable masks & respirators, and respirator filters to donate to the victims of this volcanic eruption.

“We were pleased to welcome MPP Andrea Khanjin to our facilities today,” said Mike Hoy, Operating Director for Jomi Engineering Group in Barrie. “With the O-AMP funding from the Ontario government, we were able to upgrade our equipment and technology infrastructure, allowing communication between our systems and increasing efficiency in our operations. This added efficiency has allowed us to take on additional contracts, which has allowed us to create 20 new jobs for our local economy.”

Barry Hunt (President of CAPPEM), Amberly Cleland (Purchasing & Logistics for Jomi Engineering Group), Michael Hoy (Operating Director of Jomi Engineering Group), MPP Andrea Khanjin

“In addition, we are pleased to welcome the CAPPEM (Canadian Association of PPE Manufacturers) to our facility today, and are proud of our contribution to the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines volcano relief fund. So far, members have contributed 800,000 medical masks, 10,000 children’s reusable masks, 11,000 reusable respirators, and 500,000 respirator filters.”

On April 9, 2021, La Soufrière volcano erupted on the main island of St. Vincent. Three days later, a second larger eruption released large amounts of hot ash, lava, and toxic gas. The eruptions have led to shortages of essential goods and services including clean drinking water, sanitation, food, electricity, transportation, shelter, and medical care.

“I am excited to serve the many great businesses in my riding such as Jomi Engineering,” said MPP Andrea Khanjin. “They are constantly going above and beyond, creating great jobs for residents of Barrie-Innisfil, delivering quality goods to the market, and serving the community & those in need in any way they can. Investing in our local businesses is an investment that ripples out in so many ways, and Jomi’s contribution of PPE to those affected by the St. Vincent volcano is an example of how willing they are to give back.”